Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shoreline Students Serve Lunch in Paris

On Friday we put down our cameras and journals to serve some of the residents of Paris. We volunteered at the American Cathedral in Paris and helped to prepare, serve, and clear lunch for a diverse group of Parisians. The diners gave us a warm welcome and generous thanks. As Edgar noted, many of the diners were not from France originally, but many other parts of the world, such as Columbia. The staff and long term volunteers were extremely complimentary of our group. One of them told me afterward that our group did a better job helping than any other group they've ever had. They were ecstatic to hear that we'll be returning the next two Fridays. "Service learning" may be what our work was called, but I think everyone in attendance was serving and learning.

In the afternoon, we took the TGV to Tours in the Loire Valley. Today we'll be taking a tour of two chateaux, Da Vinci's home, and a winery. Tune in later for more pictures!

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